Welcome to the Smart Splice blog page. Here you will find important information about new products, trade shows, updates that are of interest for products in the field, and basically anything of interest in the realm of tape splicing and board building. Professor Splice will even pop by on occasion to introduce some of his personal vlogs to brighten your day, or fill your head with a bit of knowledge from the hallowed halls of Smart Splice University!


(12/13/21) Professor Splice on the Concept to Creation Podcast

Thank you to Mike Konrad of the “Concept to Creation” Podcast for inviting me on the show. Find out how it all began for me (and the Professor) in the electronics industry and beyond over 35 years ago. Learn why Smart Splice spends so much time and effort in making sure every product we sell is the best we can find anywhere in the world, and why we are so dedicated to educating our customers how to use our tape splicing solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

This is a long one, so you might need a cup of coffee before you get started! Thanks again Mike for putting out such a relevant and forward thinking podcast.


December 13, 2021
Professor Splice at APEX
(9/17/20) SMTAI virtual event

We wanted to let everyone know that Smart Splice will be exhibiting at the upcoming SMTAI live virtual event! Please follow this link to register for the show and see all the new products we will have on display . Through our virtual booth display, you will find all of our standard tape splicing materials that we are known for (including a full line of double edge splice tapes). We will also be displaying our new product lines designed to safeguard your employees, and speed up production. We will be hosting an in booth live chat for all visitors all three days of the show (Monday-Wednesday, September 28-30th), where you can come and visit with Professor Splice! We hope you will visit the booth with any splicing questions you may have, as well as find your local sales reps, or to schedule a personal visit from the Professor at your facility.

Announcing our newly launched Professor Splice YouTube Channel.  Visit our channel for how-to videos, Vlog’s with Professor Splice and much more.  Visit and subscribe!


                                         Smart Splice Virtual Booth at SMTAI

September 18, 2020
(10/28/20) Smart Splice adds PPE products

Our customers asked and we are responding. We have now added a complete line of PPE products to our full line of tape splicing solutions, tape and reel products, shoe cover solutions, and replacement belts for drive lines and conveyors. You can even get quotes and order the most popular products direct from the web site. As we do with all the products we offer, we have found the best and offer them at the lowest possible price working with our extensive industry contacts. Please take a look at these, and all of our other best in class products on our web site Please be sure you check out the Professor Splice Channel on YouTube to keep up to date on the use of all our fine products and other industry information.

3 Ply Disposable Face Masks                                ESD Latex Nitrile Gloves

Face Mask          Nitrile Glove

October 28, 2020
Reference Chart
(11/18/20) Smart Feeder Reference Chart

Have you ever wondered what tape splicing materials you need to use for your specific placement machine’s smart feeders?

Many people don’t know that each manufacturer has their own way of detecting a tape splice to conform to ISO certifications/standards. They need to verify the exact count of components on a reel when it is used. Machine manufacturers do this in various ways, but don’t worry, Smart Splice tape splices are compatible with any machine on the market.  Whether your machine feeders are using emitter/receiver technology, metal detection, color detection, 3 empty pockets, or no detection at all, our smart feeder reference chart makes it easy.  With this chart you can now find all our tape splicing materials that will work on your specific feeders in one location. So before you buy, look on our document page for the chart , and make sure you are buying the best products for your needs!

November 18, 2020
1/8/21 New Year New Web Site!

We want to welcome you to a new year and a brand new Smart Splice web site!
Professor Splice is here to explain all the new features of the site.


January 9, 2021
5/4/21 A very “sticky” situation!

Most of us can remember being stuck in a very “sticky” situation; whether it was at work, at home, or just out in public. The reason I am asking you to remember a situation like this is to help you think of a better “sticky” situation. When it comes to tape splicing, the one thing you want is the best “sticky” glue available on the market. The one place you can get the best glue on every single splice tape we supply, is at Smart Splice! We start with the best glue available, then match that with top notch raw materials (for reliability and repeatability) to manufacture the splice, and to top it all off, the best customer service and knowledge base in the industry (just ask Professor Splice)! In todays fast paced production environment, you never want to get stuck in a “sticky” situation with your tape splices underperforming (or not performing at all). So contact Smart Splice and start with the best tape splicing solutions our competitors wish they had!



May 4, 2021
8/19/21 Live shows are back!

Smart Splice will be on display at the upcoming SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum next Wednesday the 25th of August in Strongsville, OH! It’s hard to believe that Professor Splice has been cooped up since the IPC/Apex show in February 2020. Please stop by and say hello and see if you can put him to the test with ANY tape splicing problem you may be experiencing! If you are not currently splicing, or experienced problems in the past that led to you abandon splicing, let him show you how the newest products can make a believer out of you. Just remember, there is NO better way to increase the throughput of ANY automatic placement machine than tape splicing, and being “schooled” by the longest tenured tape splicing guru in the industry is even more icing on the cake!

Check out some of his wisdom on the “Professor Splice” YouTube Channel.

The Professor








August 19, 2021
9/24/21 On the road with the Professor

Professor Splice has been on the road visiting customers as well as participating in local SMTA trade shows (who would have thought it would have been this long). He was recently spotted at the show in Strongsville, OH; and we have it on good authority he will be at the booth next Tuesday September 28th in Rochester, NY. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to catch up with him a few weeks ago, or next week in NY, he will be headed to Tampa and Melbourne, FL the 5th and 7th of October. If you want to learn how to improve your placement machine speed while saving your company lots of money, just get some schooling from the Professor at any of these shows. Take a look as Justin Worden caught up with Professor Splice at the recent SMTA show in OH


September 24, 2021
(10/14/21) Today, EVERY component counts!

In todays world, even the least expensive components have become worth saving. Smart Splice has been helping our customers feed from pocket one on ANY size carrier tape (and any tape feeder), whether you have leader tape on your reel or not. Through our extensive array of suppliers, we have been supplying cover tape extenders and carrier tape extenders for years now. If you are a contract manufacturer and need to reuse tape feeders for different jobs, these two options save time in being able to just cut the tape off flush with the first component. When you are ready to load the tape on the feeder, affix a cover tape extender or cut the length of carrier tape extender you need and splice it on the end. As always, check out the Professor Splice Channel on YouTube to see how to use these (and all of our other splicing products).

Carrier Tape ExtendersTape Extender Yellow

October 15, 2021
(10/30/21) Class is in session at SMTAI in Minneapolis.

Professor Splice will be holding class this week at the SMTAI show to teach the art of tape splicing and to field any questions you may have.  This years show will be Wednesday and Thursday November 3rd and 4th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Come be the company at the head of the class by learning how to save time, energy, and money with tape splicing. Smart Splice has the widest array of tape splicing solutions on the market today, including the first and only completely toolless line of double edge splice tapes. So stop by booth #3107, meet the Professor, and enroll at Smart Splice University…you’ll be glad you did!

October 30, 2021
(9/4/20) Security at its finest!

Smart Splice is proud to announce we are helping our customers stay safe and secure in the workplace, at public events, schools, terminals, or anywhere that people will be gathering. We will now be distributing a complete line of temperature measurement equipment.

Whatever the level of security you are looking for, we have you covered:

  • Hand held non-contact IR thermometers (not shown)
  • Facial recognition with wrist measurement system and mask detection with alarm and voice alerts
  • Access Control System with facial recognition, forehead measurement and mask detection, as well as alarm, voice alerts and interlocks for the door and the time clock system
  • Door frame pass through system using IR body measurement with alarm that can even be outfitted with a metal detector.


As with all of our products we have done our homework to provide you with systems that will serve you for years to come. Please contact us, or your local sales representative for more information or pricing on any of these products.


September 4, 2020
(1/14/22) So you think you know tape splicing?

If you think you know all there is to know about tape splicing, or if you know nothing about it, or maybe you’re somewhere in between, you need to visit booth #1304 at the upcoming IPC/Apex show. The show hall will be open Tuesday January 25th until Thursday January 27th in sunny San Diego. You are in for a real treat at the show this year. Professor Splice will bring the classroom to you direct from Smart Splice University, teaching Tape Splicing 101 to everyone! Bring your questions and be ready to learn all about the latest solutions in splicing, self-aligning double edge tape splices, fold over splicing jigs, and the new adjustable pitch tape cutters. As a bonus, you will get your very own Smart Splice University T-shirt upon completion of the short course!


January 14, 2022
(3/16/22) The Smart Cart for Double Edge Tape Splicing

Introducing the first splice cart smart enough to be featured in the Smart Splice lineup, the Smart Cart! After years of trial and error, the Smart Cart has been developed to handle the all-new double edge splice tapes. You can take all your essential splices, extenders, tools, and tape reels with you all around your placement lines. You can mount the newest 8-72mm tape cutter (HT.CJ.172) with adjustable pitch (2, 4, and 8mm) and the first foldable splice jig (HT.FJ.172) right on the cart as well. We have even developed a completely new line of double edge splice tapes for Panasonic, Yamaha, and Juki, to use on the foldable splice jig (the standard ASM, Fuji, Hanwha, and non-smart feeder splices are still the same). Please take a look at the new Smart Cart, you’ll be glad you did.

Smart Cart

March 16, 2022
(4/16/22) Professor Splice, the “Guru” of tape splicing in Atlanta

Professor Splice

April 16, 2022
(7/6/22) “When life gives you cut tape…make Mini-Reels”

Let’s face it, we all know the component shortage is getting worse by the week, and it doesn’t look to be getting any better any time soon. Thankfully, Smart Splice has the answer you’ve been looking for…Mini-Reels!  Now you can stop trying to figure out a way to make your placement machine do something it wasn’t designed to do, or worse yet, sending parts out to be retaped. We’ve heard horror stories of companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for solutions. All you really need is a reel of carrier tape extender, a box of tape splices with built-in self-alignment jigs, a tape cutter with alignment pins, a few reusable empty plastic reels, and you can produce hundreds of Mini-Reels. You can do all of this for well under $300.00 and be ready for any small pieces of cut tape your supplier throws at you.

Check out our video for the Carrier Tape Extenders on our Professor Splice You Tube Channel at

Smart Splice…where “Innovative tape splicing solutions meet unsurpassed customer service”.

July 6, 2022
(9/9/22) Out and about with the Professor in Guadalajara

September 9, 2022
(10/26/22) Completely Toolless Tape Splicing

October 26, 2022
(1/7/23) Smart Splice University – Class is in session at IPC/Apex

Since Smart Splice University was such a success at the IPC/Apex show last year, we have decided to go back to class at this years show. Tape Splicing 101 classes will be held during each day of the show (1/24-26/23) in the Smart Splice booth #2104. So stop by the booth at the San Diego Convention Center and say hello to the tape splicing Guru himself, PROFESSOR SPLICE! If that isn’t enough, you can grab yourself a free t-shirt upon the completion of the 15 minute class! We will be giving continuous live demonstrations of all the new double edge tape splicing solutions, tools, carts, Mini Reel production, and carrier tape extenders. You might even find some of the very popular limited edition Professor Splice drink coasters scattered around the booth.


APEX 2023 LogoClassroom


January 7, 2023
(3/23/23) The Professor is heading to Texas!
March 23, 2023
(9/13/19) Meet the “Shoe Wrapper”

Smart Splice is proud to announce the first in a new line of PCB Assembly Line Solutions! The “Shoe Wrapper” is an automated shoe wrapping machine used for production lines, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals, or anywhere else anti-static properties or cleanliness are a major concern. You will never need to bend over or sit down on a chair to put those pesky booties on again! All you do is step into the machine one foot at a time and the wrapper does the rest. It is available in 2 colors and can be ordered with or without a handle. It uses specifically made covers just for these machines in 3 styles; PE, CPE, and non-woven. We will be introducing this machine at the upcoming SMTAI trade show in Chicago on September 24th and 25th, so stop by and have your shoes wrapped on us! We will also be displaying our complete line of industry leading tape splicing solutions and welcome any challenges you throw at us.

The all new “Shoe Wrapper”

Show Wrapper

September 12, 2019
(3/21/19) Size Matters

Don’t fear the addition of 4mm tape feeders to your pick and place machines, because Smart Splice has your back! There’s a reason that Smart Splice is a leader in the tape splicing industry, we have been the first to market with almost every new innovation that has come along in the last 15 years. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the introduction of the first 4mm double splice tape and 4mm tape extenders to our lineup of products. So whether you need to splice a new reel of components to an existing reel, or need to start a small piece (or reel with no leader), we have what you need in stock and ready to ship. These new additions are already starting to sell and our customers really like the way they work. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like some samples sent your way.

4mm Double Splice Tape & 4mm Tape Extender
March 21, 2019
(3/28/19) Metal Splice Tapes

Once again Smart Splice leads the way with another soon to be industry standard, metal infused splice tapes. These splices come in our popular double splice tape (no need for splice tools). They cover the top cover tape and the bottom cover tape for paper carriers, and top cover tape and pocket bottoms for embossed carrier tapes. These splices then include the extra piece to adhere around the sprocket holes for metal detection smart feeders! These tape splices are made specifically for ASM, Fuji, and Hanwha (Samsung), or any other metal sensing smart feeders. They are available in 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24mm tape widths (that’s right even 4mm, see our blog from 3/21/19). These splices are in stock and ready to make your splicing program work more efficiently!

Contact us for more information at [email protected]

Metal Tape
4mm and 8mm Metal Infused Double Splice Tape
March 28, 2019
(4/12/19) Splice ANY SMD & TH Tape
SMD Component Reels

What do all of these reels of SMD components have in common? That’s right, you can splice them ALL (including TH components), using the industries largest selection of tape splicing materials from Smart Splice! You can choose any solution, or combination of solutions from the following list of products. This list includes the industries first double edge splice tapes:

  • Double Edge Splice Tapes
  • Double Splice Tapes
  • Clip and Splice Tapes
  • Single Splice Tapes
  • Smart Feeder Splice Tapes
  • Metal Infused Splice Tapes
  • Brass Splice Clips
  • Cover Tape Extenders
  • Carrier Tape Extenders
  • Tape Cutting Tools
  • Tape Splicing Tools
  • Alignment Jigs
  • Thru-Hole Splice Tapes and Clips


Contact Smart Splice today and put us to the test, we have the solution to solve your toughest tape splicing problems.

April 12, 2019
(4/29/19) Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

There is no reason to keep trying to “make do” with scotch tape, kapton tape, or any other inferior tape splicing products. Smart Splice has been the “go to” tape splicing specialists in the US, Canada, and Mexico for over 20 years now. If you have a splicing need, we most likely have been addressing it for years, and have the right solution for you without trying to figure it out on your own. To this end, Smart Splice is again at the forefront of the industry with the first Double Edge Splice Tape! Double edge splice tape eliminates the need to use brass splicing clips and the tools associated with them. Double edge splice tape splices the cover tape and both edges of the carrier tape on the top and bottom, all on one splice! These splices come in 2 styles, one type is used for Panasonic and Yamaha smart feeders, and the other type is used for every other feeder including smart feeders. For more information you can request a quote form our Online Store, or fill out the information on our Contact Us page to request pricing or samples.

double edge tape
8mm Double Edge Splice Tape
April 29, 2019
(5/8/19) Scissors are so yesterday!

Are you still having issues with tape splicing jams on your tape feeders? Even using the highest quality tape splicing materials from Smart Splice, can’t guarantee a seamless splice on any size carrier tape if you don’t start with a perfect cut of that tape. That cut requires the use of an alignment system on the cutters you choose to use (not someone’s old scissors from their desk drawer). Smart Splice now has the widest selection of cutters available on the market today! There are three cutters that use the scissor format with alignment blocks for that perfect cut, two are for 8mm tapes (one of these uses a special zig zag cut), and one is for 12-32mm tapes. We have added three new cantilever models that can be mounted on a cart or workstation with replaceable blades. These models are used for 8mm, 8-32mm, and 8-88mm tapes and they all have various pitch alignments. So please visit to see all these tape cutting options, and combine these with our top of the line tape splicing materials before you have another tape feeder jam!

Splice Tools
Scissor Type Cutters w/Alignment Blocks
new cutters
Cantilever Cutters w/Alignment
May 8, 2019
(6/11/19) Tape splicing at the speed of light!


Okay, Okay, so maybe not quite that fast, but still much faster than any tape feeder on your pick and place line. With so many options for splicing on-the-fly, you will never need to remove your feeders from your pick and place machines for splicing again. Smart Splice is yet again leading the market with the newest tape splices that include; double splice tape, clip and splice tape, double edge splice tape, and even the latest in our line-up, double edge splice tape with on board pin jig alignment! When we introduce you to these new splices, you will truly see the thousands, and in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars that are being saved by tape splicing the Smart Splice way!

Double Edge Splice Tape w/Pin Jig Alignment

SR with Pins TopSR with Pins Bottom


June 11, 2019
(7/11/19) To splice or not to splice?

Yes, I took a few liberties from William Shakespeare, but this is important enough that I don’t think he’d mind. For us here at Smart Splice LLC, this question is really not what you should be asking yourself (every Pick and Place customer should be splicing). Instead, you should really be asking yourself how much money you could be saving in this cost shaving environment! When pennies are starting to mean more and more as companies bid for new jobs, and try to lower the costs on jobs they may have been building for some time. We have rarely ever met a company who could not profit from tape splicing or using our industry leading tape extenders. We challenge you to call us and ask us to show you just how much you could and should be saving today. Everything from splicing on-the-fly (so your placement machine never stops to change feeders), to faster and more accurate tape cutting (this eliminates feeder jams), to tool-less tape splicing (this helps save money on tools as well as the old carpal tunnel issues), and the best quality splices in the industry (this eliminates feeder jams, 100% reliability, and best of all the operators like using our products)! Please put us to the test, and remember that phone won’t dial itself or that email won’t write itself,  we’re here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Double Splice Tape w/Edge Alignment

Double Splice Edge Yellow

July 12, 2019
(8/5/19) The simplest solution is usually the best.

With all the different splicing solutions that Smart Splice has to offer, there is something to be said for one of our easiest to use alignment jigs. This jig fits on the middle finger of the machine operator, and is used to align our new double edge splice tapes with the carrier/cover tape. The best thing is that it has no moving parts and can help to splice any type of carrier/cover tape, as well as any width of carrier tape from 8-72mm. Just head over to our web site and visit the handy “how to” product video section or Click this Link for the simple to follow instructions! While you are there, check out all of our other tape splicing solutions, tape cutters, and splicing tools. We hope to see you there soon, and please remember to ask us any questions you may have or bring us any of your splicing challenges.

Finger Alignment Jig

August 5, 2019
(3/9/19) New and improved website.

Smart Splice LLC, the recognized leader in SMT tape splicing materials is proud to introduce our newly updated web site. All you need to do is register on the site to experience how easy ordering your tape splicing materials can be. Some of the highlights of the most important updates are as follows:

  • Request an immediate product quote
  • One click turns your quote into an order
  • Review past orders
  • Order from and modify past orders
  • Videos of how to use all products
  • Trade show participation updates
  • New streamlined store pages
  • Easy registration
  • New blog page

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March 9, 2019
(10/2/19) SMTAI post show wrap up!

As we look back at last weeks SMTA International show, all we can think is how well all of our new tape splicing materials and the new “Shoe Wrapper” machine were received! Our customers (both old and new), other exhibitors, distributors, sales reps, and many old friends stopped by to compliment us on our new and exciting product range. The biggest hits of the show were the “Shoe Wrapper” (many who tried it wore the blue covers around the show floor), and our newest line of tape splicing materials with on board pin jig alignment. Our biggest surprise of the show was the smallest product we displayed, the finger jig and people just loved how simple it made aligning the tapes right in your hand. Thank you to all who stopped by the booth, and if you didn’t make the show, stop by and see us soon at any of our upcoming shows or at!



October 3, 2019
The Professor
(1/3/20) The Professor is always “IN”

Smart Splice will be exhibiting at this years IPC/Apex show in San Diego the 4-6th of February. Not only will you be able to see all the new leading edge tape splicing solutions that we offer, but we will be introducing our newest assembly line solutions as well. These will include new carrier tape extender rolls, empty reels of all sizes for re-reeling component tape, the “Shoe Wrapper”, and our latest drive belt solutions for all types of factory automation equipment. But wait, if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet our newest star, “Professor Splice”! The professor will be training everyone on the most efficient ways to splice and fielding any questions you may have about tape splicing, taping, component tape, and all smart feeders. Come and put his 34 years of experience to the test!

Professor Splice

January 3, 2020
Small Logo
(1/31/20) It’s time for IPC/Apex

The wait is almost over! Come join Smart Splice as we participate in the 2020 version of the IPC/Apex trade show this week in San Diego, CA. It’s the largest show of it’s kind in the US, and we are proud to be a part of this years show. Please come and meet Professor Splice and all of his associates in booth #2853. We will be displaying many new tape splicing solutions (plus complete training from our skilled staff at the show), our new drive belt solutions (if you have a need for a belt, we have the means to make you a new one), and the shoe wrapping machine. So get yourself to the show, you’ll be glad you did! We hope to see/meet you this week!


January 31, 2020
Small Logo
(2/28/20) IPC/Apex 2020 Recap

As we look back at this years IPC/Apex Expo trade show, we can only say WOW! We had so many old friends and new acquaintances stop by our booth to say hello to “Professor Splice”, we just felt blessed to be there. The most used expressions by visitors to the booth were “I didn’t know there was so much to learn about tape splicing”, and “this new tool-less splicing is going to revolutionize the tape splicing industry”! After the show we realized just how much the Professor will be on the road this year (not making his wife happy) showing all these new products to customers face to face and at local shows. We want to thank all of those who visited the booth and your positive feedback about “Professor Splice”.

The Professor at IPC/Apex

Professor Splice at Apex
The “Professor” is in!

February 29, 2020
Small Logo
(3/26/20) We are here for you!

We at Smart Splice wanted our friends, customers, sales reps, and possible new customers to know we are open for business! In these uncertain times we just wanted everyone to know that we are here for you and continue to ship product, samples, and work via phone and email. Smart Splice has been deemed an essential business because we supply and support major essential businesses. Since we are no longer able to visit our customers and meet face to face at local trade shows, we will be happy to help by doing webcasts or any other phone or website support when needed. Be safe out there and remember that Smart Splice continues to “splice the world together” and are here to support you in any way we can!

Smart Splice Logo

March 26, 2020
Conveyor/Drive Belts
(4/9/20) Smart Splice introduces Replacement Belts

Smart Splice is proud to announce this new product line of OEM Replacement Belts! In conjunction with many customer requests over the years to research and supply replacement conveyor and drive belts, From the onset, we knew the only way to keep our reputation as the best quality splicing materials supplier, and bring that into supplying these belts, was to go right to the source. So after much research, we found a way to supply the OEM belts (so they meet the original equipment specifications) across the complete spectrum of machines in ANY market. As usual, we can now supply these belts at a fraction of the cost of your machine suppliers. So please COMPLETE THE FORM ONLINE, or CONTACT OUR SALES OFFICE directly for a form to be emailed to you so you can compare our prices.

Belt Colage


April 9, 2020
The Professor
(5/27/20) Is that the sun we see?

As some companies slowly start to get back to work and open factories that have been closed for a couple of months, it almost seems like we are coming out of hibernation. Smart Splice wants you to know that we’re here when you need us! We’ve been keeping stock of all your favorite tape splicing essentials and building our inventory weekly, getting ready for those that are heading back to work. We wanted to remind you that even though tape splicing products might not be foremost on your mind, it’s never good to run out just when you’re starting that big board build. As usual, you can get a quote and place your order right from the website, through email, call us, or do I dare say even that old fax machine! Be SMART, be safe out there, but remember to smile (even under those masks) and have some fun.

May 27, 2020
(8/10/20) “Shoe Cover Magic” all wrapped up

Smart Splice is proud to announce that we have been selected to sell the entire “Shoe Cover Magic” line of products in the US, Canada, and Mexico! This lineup includes the shoe cover dispensers (small and large), the shoe cover removers (3 sizes), and an extensive line of shoe covers for every type of facility and situation. Two things we are most excited about are, that the shoe cover dispensers use no electricity so they can be placed anywhere, and we now have shoe covers that include the ESD strip along the bottom that tucks into your sock. Contact us, or your local rep today to find out more about these great new products!

DispensersESD Shoe CoverCover Remover Group

August 10, 2020