SMT Line Portable Splicing Carts

Smart Splice is now offering products for Assembly Line Solutions to make your production more efficient, more reliable, as well as safer and healthier for all employees. Take your tape splicing to the assembly line floor with our portable Splicing Cart options.  These carts allow you to have all your splicing tools, new component reels, and splice tapes right at the assembly machines for quick and easy splicing.

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Portable Carts for SMT LinePNDescriptionQty/BoxDetail
New PJ CartSC.CARTPJSmart Cart for Toolless Double Edge Tape Splices w/Pin Jig1 CartCall for Details
Smart CartSC.CARTSmart Cart for Double Edge Tape Splicing 1 CartDetails
Cart on FloorK.CARTTape Splicing Cart for Tooled Tape Splicing1 CartDetails