Intelligent Access Control Camera System

TS.FRFS Intelligent Access Control Camera System

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Take the temperature of any employee or visitor and display it on the screen. Built in speaker alerts person when their temperature is not within the preset range.  Import a photo or snapshot picture from camera and then set up employee and visitor list. When employee or visitor enters, the camera will recognize the face and show the ID on the screen and take their temperature. If the face is not recognized or the temperature is too high, the alarm will sound and entry is denied.


• German temperature sensor accurate to ±0.3 ºC
• temperature results in 500 ms or less
• high temperature alarm to restrict access
• facial recognition accuracy >97%
• includes mask detection mode
• live object detection reduces false scans
• programmable with multi-languages
• VMS used to export data, attendance and counts


Schools, Super Markets, Residence Buildings, Warehouses, Factories, Train Stations, etc…

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