Wrist Temperature Measurement System w/ Facial Recognition

TS.FRWS Wrist Temperature Measurement System w/ Facial Recognition

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This 11″ x 8″ wall mount facial recognition & wrist temperature measurement system integrates industry leading visible + NIR binocular camera, deep learning facial recognition technology, and highly accurate infrared temperature measurement technology.


– Facial Recognition
By using binocular live body detection technology it can prevent the use
of photos, videos, and models. It has a 99.5% recognition rate and a
speed of <500 ms. It includes 2 facial libraries and up to 22400 faces.

– Temperature Measurement
The system uses a highly accurate, medical grade temperature
measurement module. It is accurate to within ±0.2° C at a rated distance
of 1-5 cm. There is also an audible alarm that sounds when the
temperature threshold is outside the customer set parameters.

– Facial Recognition & Mask Detection
The facial recognition while wearing a mask is done at a rate of 85%
positive results. Audio Broadcast Facial recognition, facial recognition
with mask detection, and temperature measurement are all announced
if results are outside the customer set parameters.

– Storage
The system can save or export up to 100000 records.

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