Reference Chart

(11/18/20) Smart Feeder Reference Chart

Have you ever wondered what tape splicing materials you need to use for your specific placement machine’s smart feeders?

Many people don’t know that each manufacturer has their own way of detecting a tape splice to conform to ISO certifications/standards. They need to verify the exact count of components on a reel when it is used. Machine manufacturers do this in various ways, but don’t worry, Smart Splice tape splices are compatible with any machine on the market.  Whether your machine feeders are using emitter/receiver technology, metal detection, color detection, 3 empty pockets, or no detection at all, our smart feeder reference chart makes it easy.  With this chart you can now find all our tape splicing materials that will work on your specific feeders in one location. So before you buy, look on our document page for the chart , and make sure you are buying the best products for your needs!