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(2/28/20) IPC/Apex 2020 Recap

As we look back at this years IPC/Apex Expo trade show, we can only say WOW! We had so many old friends and new acquaintances stop by our booth to say hello to “Professor Splice”, we just felt blessed to be there. The most used expressions by visitors to the booth were “I didn’t know there was so much to learn about tape splicing”, and “this new tool-less splicing is going to revolutionize the tape splicing industry”! After the show we realized just how much the Professor will be on the road this year (not making his wife happy) showing all these new products to customers face to face and at local shows. We want to thank all of those who visited the booth and your positive feedback about “Professor Splice”.

The Professor at IPC/Apex

Professor Splice at Apex
The “Professor” is in!