5/4/21 A very “sticky” situation!

Most of us can remember being stuck in a very “sticky” situation; whether it was at work, at home, or just out in public. The reason I am asking you to remember a situation like this is to help you think of a better “sticky” situation. When it comes to tape splicing, the one thing you want is the best “sticky” glue available on the market. The one place you can get the best glue on every single splice tape we supply, is at Smart Splice! We start with the best glue available, then match that with top notch raw materials (for reliability and repeatability) to manufacture the splice, and to top it all off, the best customer service and knowledge base in the industry (just ask Professor Splice)! In todays fast paced production environment, you never want to get stuck in a “sticky” situation with your tape splices underperforming (or not performing at all). So contact Smart Splice and start with the best tape splicing solutions our competitors wish they had!