(9/4/20) Security at its finest!

Smart Splice is proud to announce we are helping our customers stay safe and secure in the workplace, at public events, schools, terminals, or anywhere that people will be gathering. We will now be distributing a complete line of temperature measurement equipment.

Whatever the level of security you are looking for, we have you covered:

  • Hand held non-contact IR thermometers (not shown)
  • Facial recognition with wrist measurement system and mask detection with alarm and voice alerts
  • Access Control System with facial recognition, forehead measurement and mask detection, as well as alarm, voice alerts and interlocks for the door and the time clock system
  • Door frame pass through system using IR body measurement with alarm that can even be outfitted with a metal detector.


As with all of our products we have done our homework to provide you with systems that will serve you for years to come. Please contact us, or your local sales representative for more information or pricing on any of these products.