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Smart Splice provides tape splicing solutions at the lowest possible cost per splice in the industry! Our customers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in labor, equipment costs and machine downtime.

Our products make it quick and easy to splice a new reel of components onto an almost empty used reel of components with our new toolless double edge splice tapes, without removing the feeder from the pick and place machine, resulting in increased production. There is no need to purchase and maintain extra feeders for production saving you money.

In todays market, it’s not uncommon to only be able to get the parts you need on small strips of cut tape with no leader. If this is the case, we have two solutions for all users. You can choose to use cover tape extenders that allow you add a 16″ or 20″ piece of new cover tape directly to the end of that strip; or you can choose to add a carrier tape extender (flat carrier tape with heat sealed cover tape), cut to your own length, to the end of the strip with our double edge splice tape. You can even splice the small strips together, add a carrier tape extender, and make your own “Mini-Reel”.

Obtain an immediate quote in our online store or contact us for larger quantities or any questions about starting your tape splicing program. You can also fill out the contact form and receive samples for trials in your own facility.

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