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Welcome to Smart Splice, the recognized leader for tape splicing solutions in the PCB Industry. We are the home of “Professor Splice”, the most experienced tape splicing “Guru” in the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you have any questions about your specific tape splicing situation, there is no need to scour the internet looking for answers, just touch base with the Professor.

Smart Splice is not just about knowledge, but because of our commitment to training PCB assembly companies, we started the all new “Smart Splice University”. Along with the development of the new toolless double edge tape splices, companies can now request a personal visit from Professor Splice for a complete, in-house training session. Imagine using the industry’s first <15 second splice with an onboard alignment system, 100% repeatability and reliability, and to top it off, being trained on how to use it by the Professor, right at the production line!

There’s a reason Smart Splice leads the pack in tape splicing, find out first hand where “innovative tape splicing solutions meet unsurpassed customer service”. Just contact us and put us to the test, you will quickly see how your placement machine can actually make you the money you originally envisioned.

Obtain an immediate quote in our online store or contact us for larger quantities or any questions about starting your tape splicing program. You can also fill out the contact form and receive samples for trials in your own facility.

Customer Review

I went to the SMTA show in Melville, NY. I was impressed at how quickly the Double edge splice tape was installed on the carrier tape. Within a week or so of the show, I ordered 8 ,12, and 16 mm Double Edge Splices with Pin Jigs. I have installed the splices and found them to work perfectly every time and never jam the machine. Not only do they install quickly, but they do not jam in the machine. I highly recommend this product!!!!!!

Leo Coniglio, Comtech, NY

Smart Splice University!

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Training can be done in minutes, not days or weeks like using the usual trial and error methods of the past. Through teaching the basics (class 101), best practices (class 102), and finally, virtual and/or live training on the assembly line, we can show you how splicing can make your production team more efficient and profitable.  Too often we hear companies say they don’t have time to switch to a new type of tape splice. So, we take the stress away from training your engineers and operators on the proper techniques of tape splicing.