Brass Clip Products

Brass splice clips are metal clips used to join carrier tapes at the sprocket holes.  These flexible clips provide a strong splice that will hold the carrier tape together while flexing enough to go through the feeder without jamming or coming apart.

You will need to use single splice tape (K.02xx.0 or K.02xx.1) to connect the cover tape so it will continue to peel off from the old reel to the new reel, if not using the newer clip and splice tape (K.CLSP.xx).

For more information on a product or to request a quote/place an order, click on the Details link after each part.

Brass ClipsPNDescriptionQty/BoxDetail
Brass Clips and Lead Frame ClipsK.BRSBrass Splice Clip - Used w/K.SPL1000 PcsDetails
K.BRSLFBrass Splice Clip in Leadframe - Used w/K.SPLLF500 PcsDetails
Axial Brass ClipsK.BRS AIBrass Splice Clip - Used for Axial Tape1000 PcsDetails
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