(4/12/19) Splice ANY SMD & TH Tape

SMD Component Reels

What do all of these reels of SMD components have in common? That’s right, you can splice them ALL (including TH components), using the industries largest selection of tape splicing materials from Smart Splice! You can choose any solution, or combination of solutions from the following list of products. This list includes the industries first double edge splice tapes:

  • Double Edge Splice Tapes
  • Double Splice Tapes
  • Clip and Splice Tapes
  • Single Splice Tapes
  • Smart Feeder Splice Tapes
  • Metal Infused Splice Tapes
  • Brass Splice Clips
  • Cover Tape Extenders
  • Carrier Tape Extenders
  • Tape Cutting Tools
  • Tape Splicing Tools
  • Alignment Jigs
  • Thru-Hole Splice Tapes and Clips


Contact Smart Splice today and put us to the test, we have the solution to solve your toughest tape splicing problems.