(7/11/19) To splice or not to splice?

Yes, I took a few liberties from William Shakespeare, but this is important enough that I don’t think he’d mind. For us here at Smart Splice LLC, this question is really not what you should be asking yourself (every Pick and Place customer should be splicing). Instead, you should really be asking yourself how much money you could be saving in this cost shaving environment! When pennies are starting to mean more and more as companies bid for new jobs, and try to lower the costs on jobs they may have been building for some time. We have rarely ever met a company who could not profit from tape splicing or using our industry leading tape extenders. We challenge you to call us and ask us to show you just how much you could and should be saving today. Everything from splicing on-the-fly (so your placement machine never stops to change feeders), to faster and more accurate tape cutting (this eliminates feeder jams), to tool-less tape splicing (this helps save money on tools as well as the old carpal tunnel issues), and the best quality splices in the industry (this eliminates feeder jams, 100% reliability, and best of all the operators like using our products)! Please put us to the test, and remember that phone won’t dial itself or that email won’t write itself,  we’re here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Double Splice Tape w/Edge Alignment

Double Splice Edge Yellow